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s a web designer, I work for a diverse group of clients, ranging from global corporations to businesses, universities and non-profit organizations. As in my copywriting and translation work, I see web design primarily in terms of communication. Technical issues should support the message that is to be communicated.

To allow for this I rely on CSS and XHTML as a technical basis. This not only guarantees slim coding, but also fast loading pages, search engine friendly and barrier-free design and, importantly, easy maintenance. I also work with the OpenSource CMS Typo3. Typo3 has a strong base in Europe, but with more than 120,000 installations (as of Jan. 2005) it has a vibrant community of developers that guarantee ongoing development. It is used in a wide range of commercial and non-commercial settings and is highly adaptable to specific requirements.

The combination of my work as a web designer and copywriter/translator allows me to do localization projects for you, as well as dedicated web design projects, for example extending an existing website with a German branch.