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ranslation is a process of both analytic understanding and creative expression. It means capturing the intent of the original author, be it expressed in unmistakably clear terms – or hidden in idioms, word plays and cultural references. The objective of the translator is to grasp the factual content and the emotional tone of a text, then safely deliver it contextualized to the reader in the target language.

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Words have been dear to me since my earliest youth. As early as 13, I began writing for science fiction fanzines. Later on articles for a city magazine, interviews as well as music and concert reviews became part of my "writing diet". Working for the German government, I wrote legal and medical texts. Later on there were scientific papers, guides for telemarketing, direct mail pieces and journalistic work in various forms. During all my writing I learned one thing: understanding the target audience is key to communicating effectively.

In my work as a translator, the process of understanding and accurately re-communicating has a high priority. Other features are less tangible, but important for you if you chose to entrust your translation project to me: I work diligently, keep my deadlines and communicate extensively. So your time and energy can go into realizing your projects, not managing your translator.


I use TRADOS Freelance 2007. As for other software: I can do translations in all common office applications (Microsoft Office, Open Office), Adobe Software, web applications like Dreamweaver, including website localizations, and FileMaker Pro databases.

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My main focus is on IT and marketing. I have been writing for global players like Samsung and Microsoft as well as for small businesses and non-profit organizations; I'd be privileged to add you to the list of my satisfied customers.

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